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What is LSAT?

The LSAT is the most trusted test in law school admissions and the only test accepted by all ABA-accredited law schools. Get your legal education journey off to the right start with the LSAT. Dates for the upcoming testing year are now available, so you can plan to test when it works for you.

Your Legal Education Journey Begins with the LSAT

Focused on Law

The LSAT is the only standardized test designed specifically for law school admission, and it’s designed in partnership with law schools to assess the skills most needed for law school success: critical reasoning, reading comprehension, and persuasive writing.

Accepted Everywhere

No matter which law school is your dream institution, the LSAT can help you get there. It’s the only admission test accepted by every ABA-approved law school. And it helps identify candidates who might be overlooked on the basis of undergraduate GPA or other factors.

Validity and Reliability

Research consistently shows the LSAT is the best single predictor of law school success. When combined with undergraduate GPA, an LSAT score provides the strongest prediction of success in law school — and becomes an invaluable component of a holistic admission process.

A Commitment to Access and Equity

The LSAT is being administered fully online, in a live, remote-proctored format, through at least June 2023. LSAC continues to address access and equity by providing loaner devices for candidates who do not have the necessary equipment, and/or hotel reimbursements for candidates who lack internet access or a quiet place to test. Through our deep commitment to disability rights, we also continue to address the needs of all candidates with disabilities who require testing accommodation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Some law schools in the U.S. and Canada accept other tests. However, the LSAT is the only test accepted by all law schools, and the only test designed specifically for law school admission. Other tests are designed for different purposes and test different skills. The best way to assess your ability to succeed in law school is to take the LSAT.

Law schools use LSAT scores as one component of a holistic admission process that considers many factors related to each candidate. LSAC conducts research for individual schools on how LSAT scores and other applicant credentials correlate to student performance at their school. These schools have a long history of using the LSAT and know how to use the test and other predictors in their processes.

Properly used, the LSAT is a tool for increasing diversity in law school and the legal profession. It allows schools to identify highly qualified candidates who might otherwise be overlooked on the basis of undergraduate institution, GPA, lack of access to extracurricular activities, or other factors. 

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