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About the TOEIC Program

Advantages of the TOEIC Program

Assessment shown as score, not pass or fail

Test results are shown as a score, rather than a pass or fail, allowing you to verify your current level and set goals.

A global standard administered in 160 countries

Expressions that rely on understanding specific cultural references are eliminated, creating a global standard that anyone can take, fairly and without bias.

Real communication skills assessment

The tests measure broader communication proficiency in English for real-life situations.

Available Tests

The TOEIC Program offers two test brands, each of which measures four skills. 


Listening & Reading

Speaking & Writing

TOEIC- Bridge Test

Listening & Reading

Speaking & Writing

How the TOEIC Program Helps You

The TOEIC Program is there to support your English learning

To grasp those chances life offers, expand your potential with the TOEIC® Program.

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