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Assessment and Course Materials


Assessment is continuous and accounted for as follows:

  • Teaching Practice: 40%
  • TEFL Essays: 30%
  • Fulfillment of assignments and participation in class: 10%
  • Grammar: 10%
  • Classroom Management Tasks: 10%

Guide to Grades

The certificate will only be awarded to trainees whose performance meets course requirements and criteria in all assessed components.


  • Attend the entire course.
  • Observe experienced TEFL teachers teaching real students for a minimum of six hours.
  • Complete a minimum of ten hours of teaching practice at different language levels with real students of English. Additional teaching practice may be arranged.
  • Maintain and submit a portfolio of all written assignments and materials related to the course.
  • Submit a total of four written assignments.

Grade A: Distinction.
An “A” grade is awarded to candidates whose performance has been significantly higher than the required level in all areas of the course.

Grade B: Merit.
This grade is awarded to trainees whose performance has been significantly higher than the required level in teaching practice.

Grade C: High Pass.
This grade is awarded to trainees whose performance has demonstrated an overall balance on the course.

Grade D: Pass.
Candidates who achieve this grade have satisfied all course requirements.

Course Materials

Trainees will be provided materials for the following areas of the course:

 Teaching Skills
 Language Awareness
 Classroom Management

These high quality materials are the basis for the input sessions and will provide trainees with valuable reference resources throughout their teaching career.

Although the center provides handbooks and materials for the course, you will need two A4 (11×8.5) folders, which should be organized as follows:

1. The Course Log

A: Teaching Practice
lesson plans, materials & assessment

B: Lesson Observation Journal
Report for each lesson

This forms a record of the course and should be tidy and professional in appearance. It will be inspected during moderation.

2. Your Own Notes File

During input sessions, you will receive numerous handouts and may want to take your own notes as well. We suggest dividing the file under the following headings:

 Classroom management
 Teaching skills

Please Note:

Punctuality is essential. Arriving on time is a vital quality in a teacher.

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