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The Law School Admission Test LSAT

The LSAT is an integral part of law school admission. The purpose of the LSAT is to test the skills necessary for success in the first year of law school. Those skills include reading comprehension, reasoning, and writing, and the test results help admission decision makers and candidates alike gain valuable insight as to law school readiness. Studies have consistently shown the LSAT to be the single best predictor of first-year law school performance, even better than undergraduate grade-point average. While LSAC believes the LSAT is important, we strongly encourage schools to include it as just one part of a holistic admission process that considers the skills and lived experience of each candidate.

The LSAT is the only test that helps candidates determine if law school is right for them. Some law schools will accept tests other than the LSAT for admission. However, students who want to maximize their chances for admission and be best prepared for law school are encouraged to take the LSAT.

Components of the LSAT

Multiple-Choice LSAT Questions

The primary part of the LSAT is four-section multiple-choice test that includes reading comprehension, analytical reasoning, and logical reasoning questions. 

LSAT Writing

The second part of the LSAT is a written essay, called LSAT Writing. LSAT Writing is administered online using secure proctoring software on the candidate’s own computer. Candidates can complete their LSAT Writing as early as eight (8) days prior to the multiple-choice test.

Prepare for LSAT Success

Practice with Official LSAT Prep

Our free and affordable Official LSAT Prep options enable you to practice with official LSAT content, so you can gain familiarity with the actual test interface using authentic test questions.

Get Ready for Test Day

If you’re registered for an upcoming LSAT, make sure to review the steps detailed here to ensure your test runs smoothly.

Review the Candidate Agreement

The Candidate Agreement sets forth the terms and conditions for the LSAT. Review this document for details about prohibited items and other rules pertaining to test day.

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