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This is an unofficial website where you can find the most important and updated information about DELE exams.

DELE Spanish Diplomas are official, internationally recognized titles that certify the holder’s degree of fluency in Spanish. The only way to earn a DELE Spanish Diploma is by taking a DELE exam

DELE exams are organized by the Instituto Cervantes and the Spanish government, through the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport.

The Universidad de Salamanca in Spain corrects DELE exams.


Since 2015, any person who wishes to register for a DELE exam is eligible to do so, regardless of their nationality or country of origin.


DELE is divided into six levels.

  • Level A1 – Breakthrough
  • Level A2 – Waystage
  • Level B1 – Threshold
  • Level B2 – Vantage
  • Level C1 – Effective Operational Proficiency
  • Level C2 – Mastery

Yes, you can. You don’t need to have a certificate for lower levels in order to take a higher level exam.


You’ll receive your certificate a few months after taking the exam. The certificate will be sent to the address you provided at registration.


The DELE exam tests are divided into different groups, depending on the level. Each test includes various tasks, and encompass the following skill sets:

    • 1. Reading comprehension
    • 2. Written expression and interaction
    • 3. Listening comprehension
    • 4. Oral expression and interaction

The first step is to register on the Instituto Cervantes website. Then, log in to your account and follow the instructions.

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