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Guaranteed Job Placement

If your interest is traveling and teaching abroad, we sincerely encourage you to search for “TEFL-paid job placement” agencies.

Different from what reputable agencies do, which is secure a position for you abroad, we will go further; upon successful academic completion of the course, obtain paid employment, and certify you in a most rewarding career, a TEFL Certificate gives you advantages over other candidates who may be looking for a job teaching English as a foreign language.

Administrators and school directors are more strict about who they hire than they once were. In the past, any native speaker could simply ask for a TEFL job and be given one. A TEFL certificate shows employers that you have been trained and are acquainted with the skills and methods of teaching English. Therefore, it makes you a much more attractive job candidate than unqualified applicants.

Holding a TEFL certificate will definitely become a worthy added value to your CV over non-certified teachers. As a certification is becoming the standard requirement when applying for a job, you will also receive the benefit of our permanent Guaranteed Job Placement program.


Job Placement

The following is a break down on the job placement process in 6 simple steps:

Step 1: You provide us with a list of 5 different cities where you would like to work

Step 2: Our job placement specialist assists you in integrating a CV specifically designed for the EFL market and destination objectives.

Step 3: Through our job guidance sessions, you are oriented and informed on how to secure jobs through proven, successful interview techniques.

Step 4: Our job placement specialists contact schools for you using your CV and arrange your interviews.

This includes the following:

  • Resume analysis report
  • ESL resume and Cover letter
  • Practice interviews and professional feedback

Step 5: You interview with employers over the phone, via Skype,
or physically if you decide to stay in Guadalajara.

Step 6: You decide which job you would like to start your new TEFL career dream job!.

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