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IELTS Practice Test

IELTS Practice Test Features

The IELTS test is a difficult exam that requires extensive preparation. IELTS Practice Tests are specially designed mock tests for both Academic and General aspirants to get a real-time practice platform.
We offer free IELTS practice tests to help you prepare for the real deal and develop your skills in an environment where there are no consequences if it doesn’t go well!
The IELTS mock tests included on our website cover all four modules i.e. Listening, Reading, Writing, and Speaking.
These mock tests ensure overall development and a unique user experience by focusing on your growth in each module individually. The unique features of this practice dashboard extend beyond practice tests and offer services to download, analyze and read the test results for an enhanced and extensive learning experience.

A Quick Glance into the IELTS Practice Dashboard

Now get real-time test experience on a single page; a single platform! Practice all the four modules, download the test, check the test scores, and much more! Want to see how user-friendly our IELTS Practice Tests Page is?

Types of practice tests

Unscored Practice Tests

The IELTS unscored practice test will help the candidates get familiarized with the type of questions that can appear in the actual exam. These mock tests can help both General and Academic candidates practice each module, but scores will not be available!

Working Model Of Unscored Practice Tests

View the unscored Tests
Practice the Test
Complete the Test

Scored Practice Tests

With IELTS Scored Practice Tests, candidates get a realistic idea of how well their English language skills are. These mock tests are scored by certified IELTS tutors for a fair indication of their skills and knowledge. So, they have an idea of the required effort to get a high score on the IELTS.

Working Model Of Scored Practice Test

View the scored Tests
Complete the Test
Submit it for further Evaluation
Test Evaluation is done by an Expert
Result within 5 working Days

Are you Looking for Something More?

IELTS Tutorials is working in a direction to provide end-to-end services to all the students. We believe that every student must receive comprehensive training to achieve higher bands. Check out our other services which consist of guidance and personal attention.

IELTS Online Coaching

IELTS Online Coaching is offered in two variants – 4 weeks training & 8 weeks training. Each batch offers uniqueness, expertise, and learning consistency with certified tutors and various timeslots. A limited number of student occupancy ensures that each student gets personalized attention. Be a part of the live IELTS online coaching sessions, an effective method for delivering quality learning.

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