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Sometimes a simple, 30-minute speaking assessment is exactly what institutions needed. iTEP Conversation is designed to give test-takers an opportunity to speak freely about things that they already know. Questions are friendly, fall within the A1-B2 CEFR range of difficulty, and cover topics one might expect to encounter in casual conversation. All questions are free-response (as opposed to multiple-choice or fill-in-the-blanks) to allow test-takers to speak as much as they are able to.

What is the structure of iTEP Conversation ?

Opening Questions — 2 minutes/ one part Short Passage Reading — 1 minute/ one part Short Answer — 1 minute/ one part Photos A & B — 1 minute/ two photos Documents — 1 minute/ two documents Topic Discussion — 2 minutes/ one part Agree or Disagree? — 2 minutes/ one part.

How are iTEP English tests administered?

iTEP Conversation is most commonly administered by businesses on their own office computers. iTEP staff is available to troubleshoot and guide you through the process.

How long does an iTEP Conversation test last?

The iTEP Conversation tests take only 30 minutes.

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