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After years of working with our business partners and understanding the need for a specialized test in the hospitality and tourism market, we developed iTEP Hospitality. Graded in 24 hours and designed for the fast-paced environment of hotels, restaurants, resorts, cruise lines, airlines, and many more hospitality businesses.

What is the structure of iTEP Hospitality?

iTEP Hospitality test has two sections: listening and speaking. Please note that in both sections, examinees will encounter content and questions targeted at varying levels of proficiency.

How are iTEP English tests administered?

The iTEP Hospitality is most commonly administered by businesses on their own office computers or on home computers.

How long does an iTEP Hospitality test last?

iTEP Hospitality can be administered on almost any office computer in 30 minutes and scores are available within 24 hours.

How are clients using iTEP Hospitality?

Screening new hires for English language ability, qualifying employees for assignments requiring English proficiency, make informed promotion decisions, and evaluating return on investment of English teaching and training programs.

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