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Online and on-demand English language evaluation – The iTEP Intern test is used by agencies that process J-1 Visa applicants to streamline and quantify their process. It is also used by private companies and recruiters as a preliminary filter to determine which applicants are worth pursuing further.

What is the structure of iTEP Intern?

iTEP Intern assesses speaking and listening skills using content specific to a workplace environment. The test challenges prospective interns to demonstrate that they are capable of communicating verbally in English. iTEP Intern helps determine if an applicant can effectively receive instructions and perform communication-related tasks such as answering phones, delivering messages, and participating in meetings.

How are iTEP English tests administered?

The iTEP Intern is most commonly administered by businesses on their own office computers. iTEP staff is available to troubleshoot and guide you through the process. iTEP Intern can also be administered on home computers if test security is not a concern.

How long does an iTEP Intern test last?

The iTEP Intern can be administered on almost any office computer in 30 minutes and scores are available within one business day.

How are clients using iTEP Intern?

Screening new hires for English language ability, qualifying employees for assignments requiring English proficiency, making informed promotion decisions, evaluating return on investment of English teaching and training programs.

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