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Medical Student Well-Being

Student service providers, faculty, staff, and current medical students share personal stories of resilience, resources for maintaining well-being, and programs, practices, and strategies they have found to be effective in building student well-being.

Reclaiming Your Identity

But one of the lessons I learned is easily accessible: we are not solely defined by how we have spent our time.

Understanding your Mental Health

A big red flag telling me that my mental health is declining is the food that I’m eating. During high-stress periods, I’ll notice that all my meals come from the freezer or from takeout. These options have their place; they’re quick, tasty, and sometimes necessary for long days.

Caring for Yourself Before You Care for Others

Sometimes it feels like medical school has made me an amplified version of myself, for better and for worse.

Graduating Out of My Self-Sacrifice

With vaccinations still rolling out, social distancing and masks are unquestionable accessories to our caps and gowns.

3 Subtle Signs of Burnout and 3 Not-so-Subtle Ways of Reclaiming Your Wellbeing

My hope is that by raising awareness of the subtle signs of burnout, physicians will not only be introspective of their own “internal battery”, but also unfaltering advocates for the mental and physical health of their colleagues. Without further delay, here are three subtle signs of burnout I have recognized throughout my medical training.

Courage and Mental Health: Physicians and Physicians-in-Training Sharing Their Personal Narratives

An editorial that examines the potential value of self-disclosure about mental distress and illness.

We Burn Out, We Break, We Die: Medical Schools Must Change Their Culture to Preserve Medical Student Health

The author explores medical student depression and suicide through the lens of personal struggles.

Transition to residency (and beyond) with kindness

“Are you satisfied with your scores?” This question tends to cause distress for many of us. But the intention of this article is not to cause distress nor to provide bullet-proof science defending a thesis.

COVID-19: Why Medical Student Spiritual Health Matters Now

What does this mean? Should you, a medical student, be managing the stress from our global health crisis by reading the Bible or other religious texts?

The Selective Magic of a Doctor’s White Coat

We can recognize the white coat for what it is or is not, whether it has magic or not, and find magic somewhere else in medicine.

Because You Can Breathe, You Must Speak

Being a Black, female medical student in America during a pandemic has been heavy, to say the least.

From Being Tackled by Criticism to Becoming its Quarterback: A Medical Student’s Journey to the End Zone

My first piece of written feedback during my clinical year was ripe with criticism. I regrettably reacted to it by reading and re-reading it, allowing discouragement and imposter’s syndrome to slowly infiltrate my psyche.

Managing Anxiety and Stress in a Time of Pandemic

Suddenly, the future that I had crafted was in flux, and a flurry of questions started flowing through my head. I quickly realized that my mental health was taking a turn for the worst, and I needed to do something to get back on track.

How to Make Your Mind Your Friend, Even During COVID

Managing life is not about managing situations but managing our response to situations.

Making Friends as a (Virtual) Incoming Medical Student

It’s wonderful to be starting medical school, and important to celebrate such a remarkable achievement this summer.

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