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What is PTE ?

PTE is a world-leading provider of secure English language tests

We provide secure English language testing for study applications worldwide, and for visa applications for work and migration in Australia, the UK, and New Zealand.

Every year, tens of thousands of people trust PTE to help them rapidly prove their English proficiency – and to open doors to their future lives and careers.

What makes PTE different?

12 years ago, we set out to change language testing. We saw a chance to combine our team’s expertise in English language and assessment with the power and speed of technology, to help people get fast, accurate, objective results. This is how we do it:

Machine scoring = accurate, fast, objective scores

The first completely computer-based English test

We test ‘international’ English, not just British or American

Practice tests for maximum confidence on test day

Convenient, friendly test centers

Send your scores as often as you like – for free

PTE Academic Test Preparation​

Your target score is one click away. Start preparing for PTE today.

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