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Test Preparation for PTE

No matter how you choose to prepare for PTE Academic or PTE Academic UKVI, we have the information, resources, and guidance to help you feel confident when your test day arrives.

Guide to official PTE Academic Test preparation

Achieve your score goal with expert support from our four self-study, digital preparation resources. Then, choose whether to buy as a bundle or individually.

Scored Practice Tests

The best indicator of how ready you are to take PTE Academic, delivered only through Pearson.

PTE Academic Question Bank

300 practice questions and answers, with samples for speaking and writing.

Official Guide to PTE Academic

The latest eBook with tips from experts and lots of extra digital practice resources.

PTE Academic English Booster

Extra academic English practice and activities to help you develop your skills for PTE Academic.

Learn more about the test

Our free, step-by-step test and scoring guides will help you to fully prepare for PTE Academic. Or explore our free online course with E2L.

Learn about the test format

We guide you through the test and question types, and how to answer these effectively. Learn at your own pace with video guides and test tips throughout.

PTE score guide

Want to understand how we score PTE Academic? Use the Score Guide to learn about our scoring levels and how each question type is scored.

Check you're ready

Read our short guide to help you know what to expect when you arrive at your test center, and to check that you’re taking the right identification document (ID) with you.

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