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TOEFL® Search Service

Finding the right students for your undergraduate, graduate or English-language program is easier with the TOEFL Search Service, a robust recruitment tool available exclusively to TOEFL score users. With more than a million candidates from over 200 countries in its database, this service instantly expands your applicant pool.

Support your recruitment efforts

The TOEFL Search Service can help you easily find students with the right English skill levels for your program by offering you:

  • Targeted searches — find exactly who you’re looking for with a multitude of search criteria, including country, TOEFL score bands, field of study, anticipated semester of enrollment, projected country of study and more.
  • Full-access delegate ordering privileges — assign ordering privileges to other members of your department for backup or to accommodate different campaign roles of your team members. You can even enlist the help of an agency that manages your integrated marketing campaigns.
  • A great value — with free searches and just 75 cents per name, the TOEFL Search Service is a cost-effective way to meet your recruitment goals.
  • New names added weekly — with a growing database plus 18 months of TOEFL scores available, it’s easy to find qualified applicants.

Have questions?

Want to learn more about what the TOEFL Search Service can do to help you with your international student recruitment? Contact your TOEFL Search Service Specialist at info@divineassociate.com.

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