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Advance your career with our TOEIC test preparation materials.


Prepare for TOEIC

Advance your career with our TOEIC test prep materials.

Benefits of Taking the TOEIC Listening & Reading Test

For working adults, enhance your career and opportunities for overseas postings.

For students, increase your chances of entering the university or company of your choice.

Use test scores to gain qualifications or qualify as a volunteer.

Test Format and Content

The TOEIC L&R is an objective test using an optically-scanned answer sheet. There are 200 questions to answer in two hours in Listening (approximately 45 minutes, 100 questions) and Reading (75 minutes, 100 questions). The test format is same each time, and the answers are all filled in on a separate answer sheet. The test is only in English. There are no questions involving translating from Japanese to English, or from English to Japanese.

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