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Preparation for PTE

No matter how you choose to prepare for PTE Academic or PTE Academic UKVI, we have the information, resources, and guidance to help you feel confident when your test day arrives.

What is the test experience like?

PTE Academic is taken on a computer at one of our test centers, where there are usually about 10–15 people taking their test together. You will need to arrive half an hour before your test to check-in securely and get ready for your test. 

When you arrive

When you arrive at your Pearson test center you will be greeted by one of our friendly Test Center Administrators. They will guide you through our check-in process to make sure you understand and are comfortable with our rules and procedures.

To verify your identity, they will:
  • request to see your ID
  • take a digital photograph of you
  • ask for your digital signature
  • scan your palm
Once complete, they will provide you with a locker for your personal belongings, and ensure you are ready for your test.

During the test

One of our Test Center Administrators will guide you to your test seat in a partitioned booth, which will have a computer, keyboard, audio headset, and chair.

Most of our test centers are small, with around 10 seats in each center. There may be other test takers in nearby booths – and you may be able to hear your neighbors speak as they take their test. 

Don’t worry – our microphones won’t pick up what they are saying, and you will be responding to different questions, so this won’t affect your test result.

Your computer will use a QWERTY keyboard; if you are not used to this type of keyboard, we recommend that you practice with one before your test day. You will have two hours to complete the test.

Acceptable ID

Our PTE tests are taken in a highly secure test center, so it’s very important that we verify the identity of all of our test takers.

When you arrive to take your test, you must provide an acceptable identification document (ID).

In most cases, this ID will usually be your passport. If you do not have a passport, you may be able to use an alternative depending on your chosen PTE test.

Choose a test type below for more information, or check our ID rules.

Choose your test type to see acceptable ID

PTE Academic

In most countries around the world, your ID should be your valid passport.

If you are taking the test outside your country of citizenship, a valid passport is the only acceptable form of ID.

In all testing locations, passports are the standard form of ID required to sit the test. If you do not have a valid passport and you are taking the test in your country of citizenshipsome locations may allow you to present one of the following:

  • Valid, government-issued driver’s license (non-digital and including a photo)

  • Military identification card

  • National identification card (non-digital)

You must check the list of exceptions and variations list below to see if, in your testing location and based on your citizenship, you can present an alternative form of ID to the passport.

If you do not have a valid passport or present an alternative form of ID that is not included in the exceptions and variations list, you will not be allowed into the test room and you will lose your test fee.

Exceptions and variations

Some countries and special administrative regions have specific requirements – please check the list below for variations.

PTE Academic exceptions and variations


To meet the requirements of the UK government, you must bring one of the following documents to take PTE Academic UKVI or PTE Home A1, A2, or B1:

  • Passport

  • Government ID card:

    • EU ID card (only accepted in the issuing country)

    • National ID card (only accepted in the issuing country)

    • Biometric Residence Card (BRC)

    • Biometric Residence Permit (BRP)

  • Valid travel document (excluding Emergency Travel Documents)

Your document must be valid and have a photograph.

If you do not have the required ID to be able to take your PTE Academic UKVI test, please contact the UK Government’s Visas and Immigration team.


For any form of ID to be acceptable, it needs to be a valid document (not expired) and issued no more than 10 years ago

  • You will be asked to confirm your choice of ID when you book your test. You must then bring the same ID on the day of your test

  • The name you use when you book the test must exactly match the name on your ID. Otherwise, you will not be allowed to sit the test and you will lose your test fee

  • If you cannot produce the required ID when you arrive at the test center, you will not be allowed into the test room and will lose your test fee

  • You must bring the original ID with you; Photocopies are not accepted, even if they have been certified

  • If you do not have your passport due to an ongoing visa application, you must request it back to present on the day of your test

  • The picture on your ID must match your appearance. Otherwise, you might not be allowed into the test room and you will lose your test fee

  • If you are using a child passport (under 18) that is still valid and the picture on your passport doesn’t match your appearance, you might not be allowed into the test room and you will lose your test fee


If you are taking the test as a Refugee or Stateless person, please complete our Refugee and Stateless application form and our Customer Support Team will get back to you in 3-5 working days. You must do this before scheduling your test.

We will contact you if we need any additional information.


Test day checklist

Getting ready for your test day? Don’t forget the following:

✔ Make sure you bring acceptable ID – this is usually your passport. Without it, you can’t take your test.

✔ Arrive at least 30 minutes before your test, to check in and pass security

✔ Double check that your test booking is identical to the name in your ID; contact customer support if you have any issues

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