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Who accepts PTE?

Explore where PTE can take you – by institution or by country.

Where can PTE can take you?

PTE Academic is accepted by 3,000+ institutions worldwide, including Oxford University, Harvard Business School, and Yale. It is also accepted by the Australian, UK, and New Zealand governments for visa purposes.

For a full list of institutions that accept PTE Academic and PTE Academic Online, download our PDF lists.

Who accepts PTE Academic?

For a full list of institutions that accept PTE, including pathway providers, nursing boards, and professional associations, download our PDF.

Who accepts PTE Academic Online?

PTE Academic Online is the at-home version of PTE Academic, which you can use when you can’t reach a test center. Hundreds of institutions worldwide already accept PTE Academic Online for admissions, and more are choosing to recognize the test every day. Find out if your preferred institutions recognize PTE Academic Online.

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